Monday, March 01, 2010

Attracted to Landmark

I had completed my curriculum of living in March 2005 that which started in Nov 2004. Life did take an upward swing but family and work life caught on me and I have missed going to LM for past 5 years. Further assisting is something I didnt have space for in my daily schedule.

This year, Jan 2010 my friend Tim invited me to his last session of the seminar series. I had introduced Tim to Landmark in 2005 and he was repeating LM Forum this year. I loved being back to LM and decided to do something about it.

I attended a SELF session after this and I was beginning to get breakthroughs, I was sure loving it. I took another friend along for the next SELF session I attended in Feb 2010. He was totally new to the concept of LM and was a little confused with different perspectives. He did surprise me the next day by saying he wants to register for LM Forum.

I am planning to repeat it too and will register for LM Forum in a few days!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Giving meaning!!

I am in this total rackets mode...angry, upset and depressed. And when I try and think why? Its the meaning I have created...I got this powerful tool to give meaning to everything and I use it real well :)

He did this, he had this in his mind...he is so selfish. She spoke this, you know why? She had this loads of cruel intentions.

Dropped the meanings...fresh canvas..and I am ready to paint :)


Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today morning I was getting bugged with a person and realized that I was running rackets against him from past 3 days...

As I saw that..felt much lighter..

My these rackets make one so heavy..

Friday, June 22, 2007

Rounak "My Buddy"

Rounak and I were grouped as buddies in the "Seminar in Action Series" after the Landmark Forum. Since he stayed close to my house he dropped me home after every class. As buddies we did share often but I dont remember much of our seminar group being serious and meeting regularly. As friends Rounak and I did hit off well though. Anyways we got in touch again a few days back on phone as true landmark buddies and sharing brekadowns and discovering breakthroughs. When we all started with Landmark we were running so many "racket"s against Landmark itself and we still do. What Rounak found funny was that how much we curse landmark education when we are stuck in deep trouble the knowledge we gained there pulls us out free :)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Presence of Nothing

Got a mail from one of the Landmarkians and wanted to share with all..:)

"Hi below contains some sharing about one of the landmark graduates telling about nothing. Read it completely. Its amazing how nothing can be created.

I want to talk about this again, because the minute I achieve a
clearing called nothing, life is created a new, new possibilities
open up, real magic becomes possible, so I must continue writing,
discussing nothing to reaffirm it in my life.

It really makes no sense, it doesn't even have any meaning, it's
beyond reason of everything and anything we know to be true to say
that the secret to life is getting to nothing.

It occurs to us that life is just what it is, so we assume, we make
life into our own meaning, we create our own reasons, we live in our
own past and future because we think that what is, is nothing
special. But real life is magic, what is, is beyond our imagination,
and because we made it into our reasons, our meanings, life became
something else and we lose the magic in those moments.

Magic, miracles, possibility only become possible when we create a
clearing called nothing. A blank space must be achieved again and
again to have everything and anything become possible in your life
anew. And its always transformed from the way it was, its better
then it was every time, this new possibility from the clearing
called nothing.

See enlightenment is not a destinations, magic can only become
possible by the clearing you create once you get to nothing, magic
can't be created from your meanings, reasons, past or future. Magic
is created with words that you declare from a completely new space
in the moment of now. You must attempt to reach the space of
nothing, then declare with your magical words your possibility, and
finally share this new possibility with everyone you can. This will
recreate your life. Be nothing, then Be a new possibility, then
share this new possibility, then do this new possibility, then you
will have every possibility you desire for you life. Be – Do – Have
in that order and the magic will appear in your life.

In the old way of thinking, you went about doing things, living in
your past or future to be something, to have what you want, but this
way isn't the path. Look deep inside your self, you will discover
the truth in what I am saying, its an ongoing process to get to
nothing, in fact its not even possible to be in nothing for very
long, the minute you reach it, you empty your cup of life, life
fills it again. When you shut down your thoughts in meditation,
thoughts come rushing back in, but if you are stuck with the past
problems and beliefs/thoughts of your life, these do not serve you,
you are putting your past or future into your present possibility,
thus possibility can not be created, and we wonder why, so we must
constantly reaffirm nothing to have everything and anything!"

Friday, March 30, 2007

Wow...what an experience!!

A post in the Sodhi Fan Club community on Orkut and some word around to meet on a weekend. The agenda of the event was fun and celebration.
So we all gathered one by one on Mar 17 2007 at Barista around 3pm.
We met landmarkians we have met earlier or never met. We shared laughter and breakthroughs with friends and strangers. Returned back as if returning from a wonderful movie after a long time. Feeling of love and high spirits...:)

This is how I would summarize my experience of the landmark meeting!!!

1. Atul Sinha
2. Anu Bajaj
3. Neha Sahai
4. Shyam Kalyan
5. Ashutosh Kumar
6. Amit KS
7. Devaki Vasudha
8. Ronak
9. Satyadarshini
10. Prasad

It was start and initiation to more meetings like this in future.
"Lets live life powerfully"

Neha is planning another meeting on Apr 14th 2007 with more plans to make it a great one!
Looking forward to it!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Looking Good

Landmark has introduced me to the distinction "Looking Good". The awarenes of this "Looking Good" helps us drop all our fears and inhibtions. Once we stop living lives where we are "Looking Good" we live a more powerful life..

Whats "Looking Good" ? :-)

Its about being constrained in anything we do or say because we want others to think we are Good. Doesnt this stop our originality and make us inauthentic people? It does..!! Very much!!

Stops us from getting into relationships, stops us from being ourselves, stops us from doing the job we want to....stops us from any growth..

Bcos "looking good" is just a mask of goodness and not the real "Me" doesnt help us go any where, just makes us hollow!!